Best Student Jobs: How To Increase Your Income And Gain Experience

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The best jobs for students are those that allow you to improve your professional profile, gain experience, responsibility, learn to manage time, and improve your interpersonal skills.

Obtaining your professional degree is your main goal when you pursue a degree, but if you have decided to work at the same time, you must be clear about the best jobs for students.

Using your free spaces at the university to generate income is possible. There are many part-time job offers that you can take advantage of to start being independent.

Working while you study is a good option if you have economic responsibilities such as paying for your studies, rent, food, study materials, or if you want to help with family expenses.

The best jobs for students should not be excessively demanding, or have hours that interfere with your class or study schedules. 

New technologies have favored the emergence of new job opportunities for students, some of which you can even do from your room.

An example of this is positions in digital marketing, content generation, and sales, in which you could generate income from anywhere in the world.

What are the best jobs for students?

Student work at laboratory

To work and study at the same time, you will need to find a part-time or flexible job, and a boss who understands the priority you give to your studies. 

Just as important is that the schedule allows you enough time to do your academic work and to rest. Here are some of the best jobs for students today:

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide remote support to users or clients of a company. They carry out customer service tasks from answering calls, emails, postings on social networks, typing, and organizing agendas; to assisting with legal and accounting tasks. They can work with the company’s administration, in the areas of logistics, creative production, and customer service.

Content creator

If you have good research, writing, and spelling skills, you can spend a few hours a day writing articles for blogs, magazines, trade publications, and companies that regularly require new content. You can also write for agencies that need content for their clients’ social networks.


Students from elementary school to university need help to prepare for a test, or to level up their mastery of a subject. 

You can give classes at home, in your home, or even virtually. You can also teach some skill like a musical instrument, or languages. Giving private lessons is also an element that will look great on your resume.

Waiter or barista

If you have the knowledge and good interpersonal skills, restaurants and coffee shops are great options. They offer flexible hours, some base salary and the option to earn tips. In addition, most universities have cafes and restaurants on and around their campuses.


Being fluent in a second or third language opens the doors for you to work on the translation of documents, audios, videos or even serve as an interpreter in real time. There is a lot of demand for the translation of documents ranging from academic publications to articles or books, where the essential is to maintain the original style and clarity.

Hospitality staff

The recovery of tourism after the pandemic makes this sector one of the easiest to find some of the best jobs for students. Many businesses need backup staff for weekends and high season. It is also common for them to look for staff to cover absences or vacations, in positions ranging from reception, kitchen, chambermaids or administration.


It’s a very specialized option, but if you have knowledge of programming languages, you could find companies or independent developers who need help with very specific tasks, and who can generate attractive income. In addition to that you can work from your computer, and gain experience applied to the real world.

Brand promoter

Another good option for students is brand promotion. These jobs are ideal for extroverts, with good social interaction, and those who are studying a career related to marketing, advertising or sales.

You could be responsible for producing advertising through email, social networks, in points of sale, and events on behalf of a brand.

Fill out surveys

You can sign up and generate income by regularly providing your opinions on products and services. 

There are companies all over the world that pay for information about your favorite consumer habits, brands and products, which they then use to improve their marketing strategies. Just make sure they are reputable companies.

Social media assistant

Those who study careers related to marketing, graphic design or communication can work part-time, even remotely, to assist social network administrators in tasks that do not always require a lot of technical knowledge. 

Among them: create publications, prepare images or videos, answer or moderate comments, measure interactions and verify campaign results.

Driver for transportation applications

Working as a driver using platforms like Uber or Lyft allows you to manage your time and income. In the holidays and high seasons, more drivers are needed and many offer their car in partnership. This means that if you do not have your own vehicle, you can be a partner-driver. 

Online data manager

It is a totally remote position that can be done day or night, from anywhere. Requires a basic understanding of online data entry and retention. Their tasks include: verifying, updating, classifying and organizing data, preparing reports and, in some cases, collecting new data for databases.

Home delivery man

Home deliveries already represent one of the main incomes of many companies. The best known are those that deliver food and packages that are looking for workers with motorcycles or bicycles to deliver their orders. They usually have a base salary and on the side you can earn tips for each delivery. Jobs can be obtained directly in restaurants, supermarkets or online delivery platforms.

People caregiver

Taking care of children or accompanying older adults is an option in high demand. During the holiday season, many parents must manage to take care of their children when they no longer go to school and many prefer to leave them at home with a caregiver. 

You can offer older adults company, assistance to get ready, eat, and take medication. It is a part-time job in which students from health areas —for example— will gain experience in interacting with and caring for people. 

Pet care

Walking pets is a versatile option that you can do at any time of the day. Those who offer extra services such as taking care of them at home, transporting them, feeding them, administering medicine or bathing them, can earn up to twice as much as those who only walk them. Income will increase if you have experience handling non-traditional pets.


If you have knowledge of photography and have a good camera, you can work as a photographer for events or ceremonies. Depending on the quality, you can even sell photos to online catalogs, some of which pay very well.

Telephone service agent

Many companies are outsourcing services such as customer service or sales, using telephone agents who even work from home.

Generally, you are required to be bilingual and have training in areas such as technical support, customer service, marketing, sales, etc.

Store clerk

Shops and stores often offer temporary or part-time jobs in periods such as Christmas or during sales seasons. You will surely find options on campus or in its surroundings, where sales assistants are required to receive customers, answer questions and help them find products. They may also take inventory, manage cash registers, and drive sales.


There are small businesses and independent professionals who cannot hire full-time accountants, but need to keep their books of account up to date.

You can keep an accounting even on weekends, or in your spare time. In general, an accountant should be able to enter data on the balance sheet, keep track of bank deposits and other financial reports without problems.

Research assistant

Assisting a professor allows you to work in a job related to your career. Depending on the level, many of these positions have an attractive salary and will allow you to gain valuable experience, which could even open doors for you as a future teacher.

Another advantage is that the research is done on campus, so the location will be more than convenient for you.

Advice: Studying and working at the same time carries a high load of stress. So that the situation does not overwhelm you, organize your day by setting small work and academic goals that allow you to face your responsibilities with success and motivation. Set aside time, every day, for exercise, rest, or relaxation. 

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