How to go from intern to permanent employee

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Every year, thousands of young people start their professional activity during the summer through internship contracts or scholarships. We give you some tips to get a permanent contract once finished.

During the summer months, great opportunities open up for recent graduates in the workplace thanks to the internships or scholarships that are usually offered during this period in companies of all sectors and sizes. In these cases, the aspiration is always identical: to maintain that job opportunity after finishing that contract. How can we do it?

Tips for Successful Fellows

We understand success in this situation as obtaining an employment contract after that period. Circumstances rule and each style is different, but these guidelines help us to be well valued in a work experience period:

  • We show a lot of desire to learn: we must be sponges and be determined to take advantage of that opportunity.
  • We want to work and we show it. We are active and our predisposition is absolute. It is something that all workers should share, but in these cases it is even more important.
  • We are resilient and positive. We look problems in the face, we face them and we react with determination and optimism.
  • We have reasonable expectations. No one is born learning, much less a recent graduate or graduate in any subject. Humility and naturalness are necessary.
  • We participate and contribute. Shyness or apathy have no place at this stage. Whenever they leave us, we must collaborate: it will not only help us learn much more, it will also allow us to show everything we can do for the organization.
  • We pursue goals. We are proactive and set attractive personal goals. In addition, of course, we focus on collective goals.
  • We are available and favorably predisposed for everything. We forget about the demands and eagerly embrace any opportunity that comes our way.
  • We act naturally. We show ourselves as we are, wanting to contribute and learn, with all our potential.
  • We ask if we doubt. We have to be confident and always know everything well. If this is not possible, we request the appropriate clarifications with delicacy and common sense.
  • We are punctual. It is disrespectful, to the company and to colleagues, not to do it. In addition, it shows a lack of commitment and interest.

Other determining attitudes

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We must be clear that companies crave talent. They depend on him. That is why they are delighted to find a person who fits their philosophy, who provides work and solutions. For this reason, they are the first to be interested in hiring the scholarship holders with whom they collaborate on an indefinite basis.

Therefore, we must not feel delusional when thinking about our real possibilities of continuing in the organization. Nor should we err on the side of arrogance and think that we are unique.

These are the attitudes that allow us to take better advantage of this stage and have more opportunities to be hired at the end of our internships or scholarships:

  • Details. We take care of the details and we put all the meat on the grill. We must apply the maximum responsibility and diligence in each task received.
  • Investigation. We must know the company, as much as possible, before and during our time in the company. Knowing what the corporate philosophy is, what objectives are pursued, what the work environment is like and what values ​​and competencies are valued allows us to adapt our performance in the appropriate way.
  • Initiative. With prudence and humility, of course, we are one step ahead when it’s time. Proactivity and autonomy must always accompany us.
  • Breadth of mind. It is not convenient to think only of ourselves, but to feel like an active part of a team and seek its benefit. Commitment and involvement are highly valued by today’s companies.
  • Generosity. We put collective interests before our own. At times, it may seem like a detriment to us, but in the long run it will end up benefiting us.

The main thing in these internship contracts or scholarships is to do a good job, integrate perfectly with colleagues and be useful to the company. Thus, we will be hired.

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