How and where to find a job during your Erasmus

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Finding a job during your Erasmus will not only help you earn money, it will greatly enrich your experience. If you haven’t left yet or are already looking for a job, start updating your CV to find the job that will make your Erasmus scholarship even more unforgettable.

According to a study on the impact of Erasmus by the European Commission, Europe is the first country to receive Erasmus students. These students are more likely to find a job, since having participated in this international program increases the employability of young people, their insertion capacity and professional mobility. 

One conclusion that we can draw from this study is that if you study or train in a foreign country, you will be much more likely to improve your aspirations to find a job. But while you prepare… Do you want to gain experience and earn some money to help you with your studies?

In the next post we will tell you how and where to find a job during your Erasmus to gain experience before entering the work environment for which you are preparing. 

Options to earn money during your Erasmus in Europe

The Erasmus scholarship covers travel and accommodation expenses in the city where you are carrying out your studies, however, it is not enough to cover all your expenses and you need to look for a job that generates extra money.

Below we will give you some options that allow you to earn money during your stay in the country:

Erasmus Recruiting Portal to find your first job

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How and where to find a job during your Erasmus? The Recruiting Erasmus portal gives you the opportunity to find your first job if you are studying or are an international student in the country. This website offers you a wide variety of opportunities to find work in large organizations. 

The Recruiting Erasmus portal facilitates contact between students and companies. In order to participate and register on the website, you must meet some of the following requirements:

  • Have or be studying university abroad thanks to an Erasmus Scholarship.
  • Foreign students who chose Europe as an exchange destination and want to get a job.
  • At the time of registering on the web portal, it is important to complete all the information so that the ideal companies are selected for your profile.
  • Always keep your CV up to date. With us you can create online CVs and have all the necessary information for when companies want to contact you.
  • Renowned companies such as BBVA, Grupo Consentino, Accenture, Airbus, among other important companies, participate in this great initiative. If you want to know all the organizations that are part of the project, you can go to the Recruiting Erasmus website.

 Part-time student job

Many students cover part of their Erasmus stay with a part-time student job, which is compatible with their study schedule. There are portals such as Erasmusu that collect a series of job offers that are available in university cities, such as jobs as translators, waiters, event promoters, language teachers, among others. 

Always have an up-to-date resume on hand that highlights your personal and professional experience and skills. 

Find a job with accommodation included

One of the ways to reduce the costs of your Erasmus is to look for a job that includes accommodation to save the cost of a room, since this is the main consumption of your money. A very frequent job is that of a support teacher for other students, and in return you stay in their university residence. Or also opt for a position in the various areas of a hotel complex. 

Get an Erasmus scholarship

Many students aspire to go to Erasmus. It is a very rewarding academic experience due to its great prestige, but it can also mean great costs if you do not work. Therefore, a good option is to request financial aid through an Erasmus scholarship that is financed by the Ministry of Education.

Tips for looking for a job as a student

Here are some tips for looking for a job as an Erasmus student, which can be difficult because you don’t have experience:

  • Constancy is the key to success. Keep in mind that from one day to the next you will not get a job: do not stop looking, be persistent and do not give up.
  • Get contacts and mention whenever you have the opportunity that you are looking for work so that the probability of getting a job increases.
  • Take the first step and contact the companies that interest you , do not wait for them to contact you. To do this, you can send a formal email and mention your availability.
  • Focus on looking for work in job portals that are focused on students to have better opportunities.
  • Get experience within your professional field with work grants for students : they are an excellent opportunity!
  • Find out about the types of job offers that are available, which is the one that best suits you, your skills, experience and class schedules.
  • Part-time work for students is the best option, since you can earn extra money without neglecting class hours.

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