Statement on the US ban

January 30th, 2017
We are deeply concerned about President Trump’s executive order banning certain people from entering the United States. Camden, like the country, has a proud tradition of welcoming people from all corners of the globe, whether they are fleeing persecution and violence or simply seeking a better life. Our diversity is our strength.
We welcome the intervention of the government to clarify the order’s impact on Camden citizens, but remain alarmed at the world’s only super power using this might to persecute people on the basis of religion. This is not in line with Camden values or British values. We will continue to press the government to speak out in defence of all of Camden and Britain’s communities. Silence sent the wrong message.
It is far easier to sow division and hate than it is to build consensus and co-operation. It is incumbent on all of us to work to build a society where everyone is welcome regardless of their background. We will continue that work to ensure Camden is a place where everyone can succeed and no one is left behind, or treated differently, stigmatised or attacked on the basis of their religion, race, or characteristics beyond their control.
Should any Camden resident need assistance as a result of the executive order, please contact Keir Starmer, Tulip Siddiq or Sarah Hayward.