Statement on the murder of Jo Cox

June 17th, 2016

Camden Labour Group are utterly shocked by the brutal murder of Jo Cox MP, killed during her advice surgery, while she was giving her time and service to the community she was proud to represent in Parliament.

She was a committed representative of her constituents, always working for supporting the local community and enhancing its diversity and cohesion.

Before becoming an MP Jo was a passionate campaigner on behalf of the most vulnerable children around the world and she proudly and courageously continued to speak for them when she arrived at Westminster.

Her tragic death is a loss for everyone caring about social justice and fighting for a fairer society.

We express our sincere condolence to her husband, her two young kids, her family.

The cruel death of a public servant doing her duty is also a reminder of the degeneration of our public life, where contempt, distrust and hate towards those with a different opinion are now totally accepted.

Camden Labour Group will honour her memory and her sacrifice by tirelessly working to combat any form of intolerance, hate and violence in our society.

In sign of respect for Jo Cox, Camden Council will fly the flag half-mast today. [ends]

Cllr. Lazzaro Pietragnoli, on behalf of Camden Labour Group