West Hampstead

Your Labour Action Team in West Hampstead:   

James Yarde

james yarde2James has lived in Camden for the past 4 years having moved here to complete his university studies. He is currently completing a Masters in Public Policy at UCL, having achieved results which placed him in the top one percent of his year group at the London School of Economics. He hopes to continue his studies and is currently applying to doctoral programmes in London.

An energetic local campaigner, James is particularly keen to make a difference on housing, promoting opportunities for young people, and improving access to the public transport network. He recognises that the cuts made by the coalition government mean that now, more than ever, the community needs to stand together to change the local area for the better. He hopes to continue the positive work that Camden Labour is doing with the Community Investment Programme to ensure that the borough’s schools remain among the best in the country.

James opposed the Coalition’s hike to tuition fees as an affront to the opportunities available to young people. He is keen to see the Council forming stronger links between local businesses and schools to help redress this imbalance.


Phil Rosenberg

phil rosenberg2

Phil Rosenberg has lived and worked in Camden for the last 5 years. His background is in interfaith relations and conflict resolution in UK and Middle East. He studied Spanish, Hebrew & Arabic at Oxford University. At work, Phil leads on governmental, international & interfaith relations at Board of Deputies of British Jews – the national representative body of the UK Jewish community.

Previously, Phil was the Director of the Faiths Forum for London – a body which brings together nine of London’s faith communities to engage on London-wide issues. These included high-profile and multifaith responses to the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby and the 2011 riots.

Phil is a trustee of West Hampstead Community Centre, a hub for local activities in NW6.


If you live in the ward and would like to get involved in campaigning locally please email jack@camdenlabour.org.uk or westhampstead@camdenlabour.org.uk